We have discussed cursing recently...here are three curses, said to be from China. I would like to ask, do you see these as curses and if so how?

1. May you live in interesting times.
2. May you come to the attention of those in authority.
3. May you find what you are looking for.

*Source: PANACEA, by F. Paul Wilson (interesting read, btw)


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It seems to me these 3 'curses' are so ambiguous they could be construed to mean whatever suits us. Fortune cookie wisdom. 

As opposed to:

-NOT living in 'interesting' times (we do), or 

-NEVER coming to 'the attention of authorities' (how else to get a promotion?), or 

-NOT finding what I am looking for (really speaks for itself), I'll take my chances with these 'curses' every time and twice on Sunday. 

Where can I find a good Chinese mystic? 

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Angie's List
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TH, I had to Google that, oh Blurt is so informative, anyway...
Certainly looks like you should locate that Chinese mystic here, Zee!

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This was a great suggestion.
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I'm not quite sure what you're speaking about, but 

3. May I (you) find what I'm (you are) looking for. 

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The first may well be a curse, depending on the nature of "interesting". It may equally be a blessing.

The second. Well, yeah. Of course. If you lived in China during the cultural evolution, Russia under Stalin, or even the good old USA during the McCarthy years. (The first week of my military training the CO addressed the battalion and said, "I don't know any of you personally. If you're smart, when you leave here I still won't know you." It was good advice.)

As for #3 I wonder if you've ever heard the term "post-iron man depression"? When the Hawaii Ironman was the only triathlon of its size on the planet people would train all year just to finish the darned thing. They'd go over that finish line on a cloud of euphoria and that would remain for a week or two before they descended into a, "what the hell do I do now?" fit of depression. From the POV of your question, I suppose that achieving your life's goal might be result in the same kind of let-down, leaving us wondering what we're going to do next.

And so, to counter your three Chinese curses I'll leave you with a much more cheerful Irish blessing. "May your glass be ever full. May the roof over your head be always strong. And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead."

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Virginia Lou
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Oh Dozy ty, I am REALLY gonna need that last Irish blessing...

And no had never heard of "post iron-man depression," but will remember it forever now I think...oh your CO really gave meaning to that second curse!
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Well, I would consider all three to be offerred in less than good will. 

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Sounds like each one could describe what may turn out to be either a blessing or a curse.

I've been interested in psychology since I was a teenager.  The local YMCA had some evening course for the public at that time and I took one that was psychology and real life.  (It was the equivalent of a course like chemistry in the kitchen, but I enjoyed it.)

One of the things they did was to ask us all what our Zodiac sign was and then told us that the other teacher would give us each a unique printout of our unique individual characteristics before the end of the class and we could discuss them.  After we all handed in a pi8ece of paper with the information, the other teacher disappeared until shortly before the end of the night and passed out what he had discovered about us based on our sign.

He passed out a list of about 20 characteristics that each of us possessed and we were all absolutely amazed at the accuracy of those characteristics for each sign.

He then told us that he had passed out the same summary to each of us.

Lesson (among others):Tell us what we want to hear and we'll believe it.

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