What if you found a time machine in your yard? would you get in it and go back in time?


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Sure. What an opportunity! MInd you, I'd go as a tourist without any real involvement. (Who'd want to change the course of history?)

Can you imagine standing on the shore as the Mayflower dropped anchor? The feelings of adventure and dread would be palpable.

What about having a cuppa on Everest as Edmund Hillary made his climb? Or crashing through the 4 minute barrier with Roger Bannister?

How would you feel about watching Napoleon, the scourge of Europe, defeated at Waterloo? Or watching the plotters who took down Rasputin?

I'd love to ride along with Genghis Khan, cross the mountains with Alexander, and ford the Rubicon with Caesar.

Go back in time? Oh yeah.

But my first stop would be Belgium in 1915. I'd find my father and persuade him to return to Wales with his cousin. That way he'd never have met my mother and I wouldn't have to answer this question.

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Janis Haskell
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I love this! :)
Didge Doo
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So many historical places to go and people to visit. It's hard to select so few.

When I was younger I read a novel by Viereck and Eldridge called "My First 2000 Years" about a Jewish soldier in the Roman army who was giving Jesus a bad time on the way to Calvary. After one insult too many Jesus looked up at him and said, "You will wait till I come."

His Hebrew name was Ahasuerus but his Roman name was Cartaphilus, and he became the personification of the wandering Jew. As he journeyed through history he met all the people you'd love to meet if you could make the same journey and, if I remember correctly, there was a small cameo of each of them, as seen through his eyes.

Comically, I was reading it in the lunch room at work and one of the young guys saw the title and asked what it was about. "It's about a man who lived for 2,000 years." And, so help me, he said, "Is it fiction?"
Virginia Lou
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Ha ha, I can relate to the young guy...I have quite a few days where I seem to have questions like that...

You have a remarkable memory, ability for recall...
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Dear Megan Goodgirl,

I might enjoy just studying it...Stephen Hawking describes 'wormholes' that potentially could lead to time travel...also known as an Einstein-Rosen Bridge...I would like to learn how it works.

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Virginia Lou
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Well Dozy I guess there is one way to find out...you, me, Tris Fray and TJ, away we go someday, just like Alice down the rabbit hole, never know what you might find...but it's gotta be good, anyway I hope so!
Didge Doo
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What an adventure!
Virginia Lou
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Few little wrinkles to work out still I'm sure, but we can just take care of them as we go along...
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I'd rather live in the present. I've learned a lot from screwing up.

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I would go back, after some major thought and planning, and tweak my childhood slightly.

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Didge Doo
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Tweaking wouldn't help my childhood, Ancient. I was a dreadful kid. I'd have to do a major makeover. :(
Ancient One
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I think in reality, if this makes sense, we were all normal "for us".
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knowing what i know now. I definitely would go back in time and fix things that had happened in my life. i am mentally better these days but i don't think i will ever think of myself as normal like everyone else after having such a vague mindset for years on end, over coming anxiety and agoraphobia that kept me locked in the house for years on end, all because i thought i was ugly, worthless, and no good.  (my thought was tied to the weight loss that i had when i was a teenager, became very self conscious to the point where i couldn't leave the house due to me thinking people were judging me in a negative light, my anxiety would shoot up even if someone looked at me. i was scared to go out), i would go back in time and tell myself that i was fine and awesome the way i am (i see that now when i look at old pics from back than) i just didn't see it at the time. being locked in the house for 6 years, being a prisoner in my own mind makes me sad when i think about it. i would definitely use the time machine to kick some sense into me.

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NO. If possible I would burn it down.

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Destroy it!  I've read too much science fiction exploring just how many ways time travel can screw the world up.  An excellent example is the original Star Trek episode "City on the Edge of Forever", written by Harlan Ellison and guest starring Joan Collins.

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Wouldn't mind revisiting the 60's for a few laughs.  Those were some fun years for me.  I wouldn't remain too long; I do love my current life.

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I'd send my neighbour back to the Jurassic period first in order to see if it worked.

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Megan! Of course! Who wouldn’t use a time machine if they had the chance to do
so?! I would take it back to my early childhood and once there I would try to
do whatever possible to turn everything to my advantage. This should then cater
for a brighter future!

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The answers you will receive to this question will vary depending on the gender, race or religion of an individual (or the seriousness of the answer☺). It's fun to think we can use this power to go back in time and experience this different life without any repercussions. Well, for highly privileged people, there should be no problem. However, for practically every single minority (people other than caucasians, males and Christians), the further into the past you go, the "deeper into hell" you get. I'm not here to teach a history lesson but, we all know the lifestyles for people of colour, women and citizens practising non-Christian religions faced high levels of discrimination, prejudice and even hate.

Personally, I would not like to experience this horrible reality that others faced, so I wouldn't go back in time. But, maybe the future...

p.s. Sorry for the pessimistic view

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Didge Doo
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Hmm, Sigmund, pessimism is a malfunction of the subconscious that might respond to a few sessions with a good therapist. Or a few weeks on Blurtit. :)
Sigmund Freud
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True, but it can also help to see the reality of life amidst illusion.
I think a few weeks on blurtit will do, though ;D.
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No, and I won't. There will be no more excitement in life if I could fast forward or turn backwards the time. Past happened, it shouldn't be change. The future will happen and you don't need to fast forward it, you just need to wait.

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