Some of you may work out where I am going with this. Here in the UK we have a REAL problem with rabbits. There are far too many. Would it be a good idea to replace turkey with rabbit for celebratory meals?


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I hear rabbit is actually really good. I'm game! See what I did there?

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I think there is only 3 good uses for rabbits:

1) Harvesting their  " droppings" (that's a nice way of saying poop )  so you can paint them red and sparkly to make Xmas wreaths out of.

B) sneaking into you're ex's house and boiling his pet rabbit as vengeance ( Glen Close is my hero )

3 ) hugging and loving and petting and squeezing a rabbit and calling it George.

Eating them  for celebrations ... Not cool :/

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Jaimie  JT
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Hi Echoos :) hippy has a "crappy wreath" and he's promised to post pics soon :) I stole that idea from him :)
Jaimie  JT
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I'm pretty sure he has used tye died banana hammocks as tree ornaments ... ;)
Jaimie  JT
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😂....I'm visualizing the tree now .... I'm cry laugh :p
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Why not? Rabbit can be delicious.

Until the 1960s rabbit was so cheap in Oz, and chicken so expensive, that it was fairly common for caterers to substitute rabbit for chicken when cooking for an event. These days, of course, chicken is cheap and rabbit costs the earth. (I haven't had any in 30 years.)

In Oz we introduced myxomatosis to try to wipe them out. It helped, but the bunnies are still with us. We can't eat them any more, of course, and that's one downside.

We even built a rabbit proof fence to keep the little buggers out of Western Australia, but that didn't work too well either. Perhaps President Trump could examine it before building his Mexican fence.

Have you considered holding a National Rabbit Week during which only rabbits could be served in restaurants and when it would be illegal for householders to eat anything but rabbit in their own homes? Even vegetarians might be persuaded to cooperate since they would be doing their bit to protect the environment.

Of course, as you can see from the cartoon below, some rabbits will need to be protected.

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Although I've never eaten rabbit, I hear it is quite tasty when prepared properly! I have actually had rabbits as... Well...kinda pets...their "poo" is actually great garden fertilizer! Is that why the landscape "over there" seems so green in the photos I see?!

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The green is because our sun is less fierce than it is in a lot of the world, but mainly because we have a lot of rain in between the heatwaves. :)
Lard Ass
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Ah's a beautiful color nonetheless! :)
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Dear Ray,

I am simply offering these words as a placeholder, because the intellectual depth and profound significance of your question is far too much for with me to cope. (coughs)

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Didge Doo
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Let's give it a spiritual dimension.

Briefly: Priest and parson driving on country road hit and killed a rabbit. Parson prays over it and would have left but the priest took a vial from his pocked, sprinkled it, and the bunny was off and running for all it was worth.

Parson says, "My, that holy water is powerful stuff."

Priest confesses, "Twasn't holy water. It's hare restorer."
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Oh yes that is SO spiritual just the right touch here, ty Dozy!
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I've had rabbit several times cooked different ways and I loved it. I don't like turkey any way, so rabbit would easily replace it for me !

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Are those.... ((((GULP)))........ rabbit EYES!?!??! Oh man I think this is why I am no cook! Where is the Dominos pizza delivery guy!?!?!?
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LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! You got me..... I never saw one of those!
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The bunny's out there need to practice more television watching then the alternative things they are doing! 

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I couldn't eat rabbit, but I get your point Ray. How about grey squirrels as well, they can be a pest especially when they take up home in your chimney or roof, chewing through wires etc. They also kill birds. Apparently they are described as tasting sweeter than rabbit.

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