What is happiness 


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A Frenchman, an Italian, and a Russian were trying to answer this question.

The Frenchman said, "When you treat a beautiful woman to a night at the theatre, take her home, and take her to bed, that is happiness."

"Bah!" said the Italian. "That is only lust. When you sit down to a fine meal with all your favourite foods and enjoy them until you are sated, that is happiness."

"That is merely gluttony," said the Russian. "When you are sitting in your two-room apartment with your wife, her parents, and your children, eating a meal of thin gruel and stale bread -- you hear heavy footsteps pounding up the stairwell. They stop outside your door and with a loud crash the door bursts inward to reveal three large men with brutish faces and cheap suits. Then one of them says, "Comrade Filiminov?" And you reply, "No. He lives upstairs." When they turn to leave, THAT is happiness.
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When my kids were little, I would take them to Chucky Cheese and a place called "Jokers - Fun and amusement center" . . . what they did to pizza should NEVER be repeated . . . worst ever, and that's hard to do.
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Messing up pizza is pretty hard to do.
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Even I CAN NOT mess up pizza! WOW!
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I'm sure this will be deleted, but it is true (and you can check online).

The wife of the French President, arriving in England, was asked what she wanted from the visit. She replied 'Appiness" in a typically French accent.

The trouble was that 'appiness sounded like "a pe*is" (and it really did, funnily).

Oh, those froggies!

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In my ladies life group (Bible study) we each pick a week to bring snacks for the group. The lady who's turn it was to bring them one week sent out a text saying she was bringing some "chocolate pastries" but auto correct (or spell check) sent the pastries as "pe*ises" CHOCOLATE "PE*ISES!" Toooooo funny!!!!
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:) :)
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It is that feeling that brings contentment to one's psyche.

For some it is that feeling of warm comfortable things that trigger endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine of the brain. The influx of these chemicals are what the brain looks to release, and will do just about anything impulsively to achieve this . . . Yes, your brain is a drug addict and those are the drugs of choice.

Now, this can be a myriad of things based ENTIRELY on the physical and chemical makeup of one's brain, so it differs greatly because of the diversity of the Genetic, Environmental and Experiences that created all of us.

For me it is a great many things:

  • A warm rain in a beautiful lightening storm
  • A warm comforter on a cold windy day, and a good movie with someone to watch it with
  • Family together, cooking, sharing, laughing
  • Holding hands with my wife and having her rest her head on my shoulder
  • A full belly of good food
  • a Nice cup of hot tea and a good book to read

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Well, don't you know that happiness is a warm gun, mama?

(Lyrics from the Beatles song.)

But seriously, here's an interesting site:


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As Jesus Christ once said, “there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” (Acts 20:35) It is especially rewarding when affection is expressed toward those who are worried, depressed, or insecure.

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