Imagine there is a new idea to bring back "medieval" punishments for some crimes instead of building more jails. What ideas would you support? For what crimes?


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Otis Campbell answered

The strecher for rape. Cutting off fingers for shop lifting. Iron maiden for murder.

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I still say give a convicted child molester just one hour alone with the victims parents. No cameras. No laws. No mercy. Then if there is anything left of that piece of c**p throw them into a general population prison yard and let the inmates take care of the trash!

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Walt O'Reagun answered

Shaming for crimes is already in place in most jurisdictions.  It's called "having your picture posted by the media".  Doesn't seem to work as a deterrent.

The problem with lopping off hands for crimes is ... How do you expect the person to get/hold a legitimate job afterwards?  Most jobs need you to use both hands.

Of all the medieval punishments - I would favor banishment.  Just cordon off a large chunk of undeveloped land, and send the people there.  Let them build their own society or live in anarchy.

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The taking of a life does no one honor.

(Future) Mind Repair.

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So I find this interesting. Some of these tortures would seem to surpass the actual crimes themselves. In this, I mean the act itself would take a mentally unstable person, to execute on another individual.

I think it would be more humane to simply terminate the criminal outcasts, or let them fend for themselves on a remote deserted island.

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Just Ice
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"simply terminate the criminal outcasts" might suffer from your aforementioned disadvantage in that "the act itself would take a mentally unstable person, to execute on another individual."

As for "let them fend for themselves on a remote deserted island." it might seem like a reward to a murderer who was already fending for him/herself anyway. S/he was living in a congested city with no real estate ownership, now it's a deserted island with a feeling of some real estate under the feet. Sounds idyllic.
Darik Majoren
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I actually agree on both counts.
Both solutions are rather imperfect at best.
Just Ice
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I understand. The punishment side of the "reward and punishment" package is rather tricky. We're still fumbling with it.

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