Have you ever been to a medium for a reading? Do you think they had insight, or do you think it was a scam?


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No. I've never been to one. I feel it's all about chance and if they are right, it's just luck. I also feel that some people believe so much in what they are told that they create their own outcome.

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Darik Majoren
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" . . . believe so much in what they are told that they create their own outcome. " - ahh, so a sort "Self fulfilling Prophecy" . . . very well stated.
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Nope. Never wasted a moment of irreplaceable time on hokey sideshow charlatans. 

Horoscopes, palm readings, seances, crystal ball sessions, tea leaves, seers, mediums, prophets, aura readers, dream interpreters and their ilk all derived from scoundrels and shysters (a few lunatics as well) cultivating profit or self-preservation preying upon people's irrational fears, ignorance and gullibility.

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I've never been to one and I don't think I would believe everything they say.

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I ran into a lady while I was working. We were chatting and she suddenly grabbed my hand and "read" my palm. Very basically, she said that my wife and I would have a baby, a boy, I was a hard worker, and I'm not the best at saving money. It's way to easy to see how she got that.

She starts off with a bang by taking what I said (us not wanting children) and says the opposite to get my attention and says that I'll have a boy. Most men want a male child. Next, I'm standing in 98 degree weather sweating profusely as I'm bobbing my leg up and down and acting alittle anxious because I hate getting paid for not doing anything. My body language gave her her answer that I have a strong work ethic. Also, she easily could have notice my expensive smart watch and smart phone which indicates that I like to spend money instead of save it. It's simple really.

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My brother I will predict your future for you..... hmmm let's see...... I think you will.... drink a mountain dew and wait a minute.... wait a minute..... oh YES I SEE you are watching star wars sometime in the future!
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Ha ha.. you have a reader at work too. Mine just looks at me and doesn't touch my hand.
See my comments to see why I think she is often right.
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I believe in Highly intuitive people.

They are very good at the old Sherlock Holmes higher acute ability of deductive reasoning allowing a broad spectrum when viewing all the evidence available to one's senses and surmise several possibilities, and favoring the highest probable scenario as likelihood of being most true.

As evolved animals we have several "Tells" to trigger words . . Whether it be, the micro gestures of the face muscles or simple body posture changes, anyone who has watched people over and over again will start being able to "Read" them even on a subconscious level.

Just know the truly good ones, have started studying you, by the car you drive, the clothes you wear and how you carry yourself. You would be an open book if you were an extrovert, AND most likely to believe in the "Supernatural Powers" should you already have a grounding in belief of the Supernatural with a low skepticism need.

In short, they are scamming you. 

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I have a lady that I deal with at work. She'll give me a non-paid body scan and then a quick update of my future. So far she has been right.

I take all of this with a grain of salt. It's fun and dealing with her is all part of my customer service.  I think that I look out for the things that she predicts and mentions  ( hyper awareness ) which explains why she is right so many times.

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Darik Majoren
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I wonder if the next time you sit with her, if you lean in at the end and say "I don't know why, but I am getting a vibe off of you that depicts the number 8 as something highly significant . . ."
Then trail off and look slowly down to the left . . . .
I bet if she sees you after that, she will be telling about how many times she has seen that number come up, and even tie it to specific things in her life.
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Ha ha. How true. Now I'll be looking for the number 8. ;-)
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We used to have medium parties, where we would have 6 friends and two mediums. I've had quite a few readings. They'd last about an hour and a half, give or take.

I found them to be interesting. Never believed what was being said as gospel, but was definitely entertained.

I have always been very open minded to all things that I don't understand or that we can't explain.

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