What is/are the biggest misconception/s that people live under?


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That every problem in their life is someone else's fault.

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That the world is inherently safe, fair and waiting for us.

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Darik Majoren
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If anything, the universe teaches us, that everything is trying to kill us . . .
Call me Z
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Indeed, its a wonder anyone is healthy.
It is also a wide misconception that there is a balance in nature, when the facts actually reveal randomness and chaos.
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The world revolves around them.

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The justice system is right all the time

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Otis Campbell
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Its too easy to railroad someone into prison
Darik Majoren
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Justice is written "Differently" for those with different perceptions and the ever adaptable moral compass of our ID.
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A credit score only effects you getting a credit card! WRONG!!!!

Your credit score defines you now a days!

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@Yin and Yang

Reminds me of a caller on a call-in radio show from years ago---

The topic was the threat of farmers to plow their crops back into the ground rather than harvesting them, and the predicted effect was that the price of bread would skyrocket.

The caller said that wouldn't bother her---she'd just buy her bread at Safeway.
Call me Z
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Individuals who are known as high net worth don't require personal credit, to them these scores are essentially irrelevent, but it seems lenders will trip over each other to offer credit to them, regardless.
The key to the score is the ability to pay money back. Obviously if you have a fortune, you can, banks love that.
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Tom! Too too funny! Lol! 😂
Z!! Too too true in both areas you say! ☺
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Time takes care of everything.

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That you have to agree with everything a person believes to be their friend. I see so many people lose friends of stupid stuff.

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That you can "do it your way" - in the words of the Sinatra standard. Almost no-one gets "to do it their way". Not even the rich and famous.

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That every decision a person makes, they are cognitive of . . . When really, their subconscious has been conspiring against them by making tiny impulsive micro-decision leading them back to the same old pattern of behavior that has been honed over their life time.

The brain knows what it like my friends, and it WILL get it regardless of how many times you try to thwart it.

"Free Will" is rarely "Free" . . . More of a "Focused Limited Cognitive Will" . . .

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Very good. I'm impressed, but please don't quote me out of context on that.
Tom  Jackson
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And I have learned to make my impulses serve me---and yet you defer to your impulsive side that likes to write threads. Is that not a choice that you are making?
Darik Majoren
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Sure it does . . . it is why I look for controversial questions. While I like to communicate on the general questions, I do find myself right back to "Religion and Philosophy" . . .
Could I be doing something else? Absolutely, but I find myself with "pockets of time" . . .
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What is/are the biggest misconception/s that people live


1- I guess one has to know that what one is labeling a
misconception IS a misconception otherwise one’s answer will itself be a misconception.

2- There are very many misconceptions that people live under which
are clearly just that, misconceptions.

3- I think the following three ARE some of those very many misconceptions:

a] that we can solve national and global human problems by using violence.

b] that Mohammed brought a new religion with its own
exclusive God Allah

c] that the Jesus of the Gospels is, or saw
himself as, the leader of Christians and that the central beliefs of
Christianity like the original sin, the trinity and atonement through his death
and resurrection are his teachings.

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Just Ice
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1- "I am not trying to convince anyone about anything" ------------- okay, but those who are convinced that they have an amazing discovery usually want to tell others and see what they think of it.

2- And I fully accept your assertion that a billion is a very conservative estimate for the number of people who believe in the trinity. However, none of these over a billion people have been able to make enough sense of it to explain it in simple terms. So the higher the number the stronger the testimony that the doctrine doesn't make sense.

3- For me, the Bible verses where God denies His triune or any other non-unitarian nature are many. Examples include:

Isaiah 44:6, “I am the first and I am the last, And besides Me there is no God.” He further asserts in Isaiah 43:11, "I, even I, am Jehovah; and besides me there is no saviour." In Deuteronomy 5:9 (similarly in Exodus 20:5 and Deuteronomy 32:21, Ezekiel 39:25) He warns, in relation to taking others as God, that “You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God”
Tom  Jackson
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1) Hardly an "amazing discovery"---it's been around for over a millenium. And the truth is not contingent upon the ignorance of those who cannot grasp it.

2) So since you have unsuccessfully stormed the gates of heaven, you try to storm the believers. And my reference to the "billion plus" was in response to your comment about "blind followers" We all believe, just as you do, that there is only ONE God; but we understand that His nature is triune.

3) As you say, "for you." For me all those verses simply affirm that there is only one God---they say nothing about the number of persons in that God.
Just Ice
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1- I agree with you that "truth is not contingent upon the ignorance of those who cannot grasp it." but alas they deceive themselves those who claim they have understood but cannot explain.

2- "We all believe, just as you do, that there is only ONE God" ------- with the extremely important proviso that my ONE is a true one, simple enough to be understood by all, as would be the intention of God if He really wanted the door of salvation to be open to all.

3- "they [words of God declaring Himself to be singular] say nothing about the number of persons in that God" ------------- And you think if God was more than one person He was too shy, afraid, busy or whatever to say so and explain it. He left it to the likes of Tertulian, a lawyer in Carthage, in 220 CE
to postulate it, the council of Nicea to develop it further in 325, the council of Constantinople to ratify it in 385 and the council of Chalcedon to make it authoritative in 451. That's fine for you. I prefer to take heed of the warning of Jesus in Matthew 15:9 “Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God.'"

Have a nice day
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For me it wold be that God is to blame for the problems that we face in the world. The bible clearly tells us at 1 John 5:19 that the who.e world is lying in the power of the "wicked one", Satan the Devil! Corruption, evil, violence, hunger and Greed stem from him.

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It might be said God IS responsible for the problems of this world if one observes Isaiah 45:7. "I form the light and create darkness: I make peace and create evil: I the Lord do all these things."
It is quite clear one can cherrypick scripture to support any agenda, perhaps that the larger misconception lies in relying on scripture in the first place.

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