Why would a demon posses a human?


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Maybe a succubus/incubus would want some human sexy time

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I don't particularly believe in any demons, but if one were to speculate . . . Lucifer was supposed to be cast out of heaven with a legion of his followers . . . One would assume the legion were angels and that both angels and Lucifer would have an issue with human beings.

They (humans) seemed to be favored more then the angels since God was willing to "Sacrifice" Himself to Himself to grant them grace that they may choose not to be separated from Him.

So I guess, jealousy and spite . . . Maybe good old fashion hate would be reasons "WHY" a Demon would posses a Human given the mythological "history" of these supernatural entitites.

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Debbie Harrington
Only through sin, when we sin we open the doors for the demonic one person can have hundreds of demons. For I am Legion and we are many. That's why repenting your sins to God is so important Jesus cured a man and later told him to sin no more least something worse may come upon you.
Darik Majoren
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You forgot Germs and Bacteria . . . Viruses as well . . . How about Mental Illness . . .
These things were ALL attributed to demonic possession and oppression throughout history . . . now we look upon them as Superstitious beliefs of a more primitive time.
What we now get Flu shots for, your kind believed was the work of Satan and his minions . . .

Debbie time to step out of the dark ages and into the current time.
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To use as a vessel to impose its will in the physical world.

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Call me Z
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Sure speaks volumes about the products of ignorance and fear.

As you no doubt are aware, possession is but one of the many skills in the demonic repertoire. Depends on whose mythology we are discussing.
Debbie Harrington
Exorcisms are very real, educate yourself.
Darik Majoren
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Really, well then that person who has the proof is a Millionaire . . Correct? There are all sorts of funds set up to award large sums of cash to ANY supernatural occurrence there is LITERAL proof for . . .
Tell me Debbie, did this make the national news?
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Why would a demon posses a human?Because it feels it owns the human? :) :)

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Demons can enter you only through sin, when you sin you open the doors for the demonic.Jesus healed a man then later told him to sin no more least something worse may come upon you.

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