what is the totality of what is known?


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This animation closely follows the Moon's umbra shadow as it passes over
the United States during the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse email database .
Through the use of a number of NASA datasets, notably the global
elevation maps from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the shape and location
of the shadow is depicted with unprecedented accuracy.

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Q "what is the totality of what is known?"

1. If you make known the units of measurement for the totality then someone might be able to attempt a sensible answer to the question.

2. The totality of what is left to be known is of course known to no human, and if it's even half of what we have come to know in the last two centuries then humanity's headed for a life quite incomprehensible to us living now.

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This changes as we gain additional knowledge so it is ever expanding. You cannot know everything . . . Not only because some things change, but because we are limited by our own mortality as a species.

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The totality of the known is all of the know, and all of the known is all of the information.

Information is style, and so all of style is all styles.

All styles is style of style. Style of style is style because of style.

Style because of style is different styles being a hierarchy.

Hierarchy is style, therefore different styles is a style

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