I have a problem i here voices at night and see spirits smiling creepily at one o'clock in the morning every night any suggestions for help?


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Oh just tell it to go away. Works everytime.

In the meantime, schedule an appt with your doc.

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I'm getting creeped out just reading the question.

See your personal physician. It may be a medication or u might need more help. Your Dr will know.

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Yes! Your imagination working overtime. Do a bit of exercise to tire yourself and your sleep will be dreamless.

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Are you sure you sleep well? Or you have regular sleep paralysis due to a lot of stress. Talk to your psychologist or do everything to improve your sleep. Change the blanket to a more comfortable sleep https://melacomfort.com/ , turn on the music, take a relax bath, do yoga in the morning.

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The asker doesn't list any symptoms of sleep paralysis.
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Tom... You are too kind my friend! I don't think this spammer even read the question!

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