Who are the top five astrologers in India?


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Vanshika Soni , I am a student of Delhi University. , answered

It is very difficult to define top 5 astrologer in India. It is like top 10 best doctors in India. Nobody is perfect for everyone. If a pandit once fail in their result than he will never say top astrologer in India similary as doctor. I fall in love 1 year ago then due to some circumstances he left me than I was worried to get him back. After 1 month I met with Pt. Ratan Das Ji. He is Best astrologer in India, Delhi. He gave me mantras to get  him back. When I chant this mantra 21 times in a day. I see magical result that he call me and propose me to marry. Now I am his wife and we are having hapy married life. In my opinion he is best astrologer. 

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Mahakali Jyotish , I am a Student Lovely Professional University, answered

It is very difficult to define top 5 astrologer. It is very difficult to answered accurately ? It is same as asking like Top 10 Doctors in India when the actual number will be more.

Top 10 popular might be easier, but then misleading, since they may not be top-good !

List based on my reading

1    A.L Shastri Ji  [beating my own drum ;-). You can see how top/bottom I am, by seeing my attempts at Famous Astrologer In India

2    Ambaji Jyotish        jaipur

3    Sunil Shastri            Jaipur

4      TC Shastri              Sikar

5      Ram  Ji                  Jhunjhunu

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