Is August considered a good month?


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Skip Gentry answered

Yes. It's still part of the summer. It can be very hot, depending on where you live.  ☀️

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Willie B. good answered

August is an excellent month, August is known for many things, including the dog days of summer, National watermelon day ( Aug. 3) and National Smile week ( 5 - 11 ). August is named after Augustus Caesar the founder of the first Empire of the Roman Empire. The official flower of August is the gladiolus and the birthstone is the peridot and for all you Elvis fans out there Elvis died August 16th 1977. If you were born in August you're either a Leo or a Virgo, unfortunately for us August is considered the last month of Summer. So yes I'd say August is a good month.

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August is a great month. It’s very hot where I live. School starts back here on August 3rd, so that’s good for some folks.

Three of us on here right now has a Birthday coming up.

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PJ Stein
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Our teachers don't go back into August 7th, students on the 13th.
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Yes, it's a good month (my birth month), but I'm actually fonder of the autumn.  Coping with heat is difficult for me.

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PJ Stein answered

August tends to be HOT and HUMID! So for me it is not the most pleasant of months. I like to be outdoors, and I just can't do much outside in August.

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