Who are your personal heroes? Why?


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My parents. Why ? See my comment to Darren.

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Diana Princess of of Wales, she inspired a lot of people from all walks of life, she may have been a princess but she wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty, I feel she truly was the people's princess that fought for the underdog.

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My mom. She was a single parent that struggled at times to keep us above the poverty line, but we always had food and shelter. If she was ever worried about finances she never showed it. If a problem arose she didn't overreact. She has a "Ok, that wasn't planned, but let's deal with it and move on" attitude, which she passed on to her kids. (Who on turn passed it on to their kids, inspite of being married to worry warts.) She never put much stock in the "what ifs" and focused on the "what is". As a result she raised 3 successful child who have done a bit better for themselves in this world.

Also my husband. He does so much for others, often without being thanked. He has a strong sense of service to country and thinks everyone should be treated with respect until they give a reason not to show it. 

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My grandparents. I spent a lot of time with them growing up. They taught me family matters the most and sometimes you have to do what it takes to keep them close. Pap always put me to work and gave me talks while we were working . I still follow most of his advice.

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My maternal grandmother cause one time i was choking pretty bad i was young and if it wasn't for her i would of choked to death she did her best to do the Heimlich Maneuver on me for what she knew and it dislodged the piece of turkey blocking my airways yes it saved my life quite scared for sure. 

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That's amazing. I'm sure our guardians/ parents have saved us from quite a few stumbles, falls and general bad- ideas- that we had as toddlers growing up.
Don Barzini
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While that was a memorable deed (props to Grandma), it misses the point of the question.

I was suggesting people who inspire us, those to whom we model ourselves or whose words have had great effect on us.
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Thanks Refreshme & Don :) :)

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