What Is A Muslim Menu?


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A Muslim can eat all the things on Earth that are deemed 'Halal' as per the tenets laid down by Quran and decreed by Allah. In animals Muslims can eat cattle and all the animals that are hooved, herbivorous regurgitate like the cows, buffalows, goats, sheep, camels, deers, etc. Muslims are not allowed to eat pork which is considered an unclean animal. They can have any vegetables they like and all marine life is usually deemed 'Halal' for Muslims. However, in case of Animals they must observe the sanctioned method to slaughter animals and only then it is considered 'halal' for them. They can eat poultry fowl besides that. Also, some animals are considered neither halal nor haram, they can be eaten but not preferred like lizards for instance or horses. In case of emergency when nothing is available they can eat something that is considered Haram or which is not appropriately considered halal slaughtered.
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A muslim menu is a type of menu that is made so it is halal (acceptable for muslims to eat) E.G vegitables and so on and so forth

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