What Are 20 Facts About Poseidon?


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1. God of the sea
2. God Of horses
3. Creator of horses
4. Son of Kronos and Rhea
5 swallowed by Kronos to be saved by zeus
6. One of the "Big Three" gods
7. Brothers were Zeus and Hades
8. Could cause earthquakes
9. Father of cyclops
10. Lives in an underwater castle
11. Castle made of Germs and Coral
12. Had a natural affinity for water
13. When offended by sailors would cause waves to crash there ship
14. Could go in water and not get wet
15. Had 3 sister Gods
16. Participated in the God Vs Titan War
17. Sisters were Hestia, Demeter, and Hera
18. Symbol of power was his 3 horned Trident
19. His animal symbol was the dolphin
20. He helped the greeks in the Trojan war
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1- God of the seas, horses, and the earthquakes
2- He was Zues’ older brother who was the king of gods.
3-His personality was bad-tempered, moody, and greedy.
4- Poseidon married Amphirite
5-He blinded his own son Cyclops
6- He was imposing and strong with long blue hair
7-At first he wanted to impress Demeter, to impress her he created the first horse
8-His weapon was a trident and which can shake the earth and shatter any object
9-He battled Athena for the city of Athens, and Athena won
10-Most stories about Poseidon are about revenge
11-His palace was underneath the sea which was were he lived
12-He also lived in Mount Olympus with all the other gods except Hades who lived in the underworld
13-His parents were Cronus and Rhea
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He was the sea god. He was the brother of Zeus and Hades. The cyclopes were his children. He always took his trident with him. Medusa was  his girlfriend. He rules the city of Atlantis. He and his brother, Zeus, started World War 2. He created the horse. He could talk to any kind of horse. He could only talk to seahorses, pegasi, and regular horses. He made the horses out of sea foam. He and Athena were rivals. He owned all of the mermaids. He can breath under water as long as he wants. He hardly talks to anyone, even his people. His father was the titen lord Kronos. He can control the waves of the ocean. He can also stay out of water as long as he wants. He was also known as Neptune. Is afraid of the sky since his brother is the god of the sky.
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Poseidon is the second son after Zeus but before Hades. 

Order: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades

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Here's 5 facts about Poseidon:

1.Poseidon was greedy, aggressive, violent, determined, stubborn,vengeful, hateful, brave, competitive, moody, inventive, clever and amorous. 

2.he had over 100 children, including achilles and polyphemus who was blinded by odysseus.

3. He was the god of the sea 

4. Parents were kronos and rhea 

5.symbols were sea, horses , jellyfish, squid, octopus, swordfish, bull, se shell, trident.....

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Tyro, a mortal woman, was in love with a river god named Enipeus. One day, Poseidon, disguised himself as Enipeus and approached Tyro. From their union were born, Pelias and Neleus. Poseidon was the father of Nauplius, the founder of Nauplia. He was the father of many a great hero of the Greek mythology, not all his children were human.

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1. Lord of the water.

2. He created horses from sea foam.

3. Ateana and him are enemies.

4. Son of Rhea and Kronos.

5. Carekeeper of oracle

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1. Was god of sea, earthquakes, and horses.

2. One of the 12 Olympian deities

3. I'm too lazy to write the other 10/9 facts if you count this one.

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Son of cronus and rhea, Hades and Zeus were brothers to him, Neptune was his roman name, controls horses, controls earthquakes,god of the sea, symbols are trident, dolphin, and horse,
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Well he's the god of the ocean, earthquakes and horses so you there r many on google

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