What Is The Importance Of Time In Our Life?


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Time is extremely important in our life; it helps us structure our daily lives and activities, so that we can live more organized, productive lives. While there are always drawbacks to being too conscious of time (such as the feeling of being "ruled by the clock"), it is essential that we have this marker to use while we work, play, and grow older. Time may also be viewed in a more philosophical sense; time represents special milestones, including birthdays, anniversaries, and the births of children. This is one of the reasons why our own date of birth is special to us. Many people keep diaries and journals to mark the passing of time - these records become rich treasure troves of vital information about every day doings and any special achievements, problems, or activities.

The passing of time escapes no one; we are all subject to aging and the fear of mortality. For some, the idea of getting older is a stressful one; others will feel more amiable to changing and passing through the later decades of life. For women, loss of youth may be a concern as time passes; this is one of the reasons why the beauty industry makes billions of dollars. Women seek out special serums and creams touted to reverse the visible signs of aging; however, getting older is natural, and the physical and cosmetic changes that come about through the years cannot really be halted forever. Men may fear loss of virility or strength as they age. Often, people in their forties may experience a mid-life crisis, as they become suddenly aware that they are no longer young, and that half of their life is now over. The best defense against the worries associated with contemplating time is to use the time you have effectively. Living happily and with purpose can be simpler with proper time management. Getting the most out of each day, and enjoying life to the fullest, will help you understand the importance of every moment...

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Time plays and important role in our life. We all are just dependent on time. With out time we are nothing.
Time applies in our every walk of life. From sunset till night, the high tide and low tide due to moon, our seasons every thing is totally dependent on time. Let's take the example of student. If student is not working hard throughout his whole semester ,he's just wasting time . What will happened the end of semester .He will not able to clear the semester .the reason is that he waste his all time. Time never wait for any one. We have to move with the time. Everybody has 24 hours in whole day. It's our duty to manage the whole time. If we are not managing our time table or working in a proper schedule, we will face the problem in the end. So time management is very important.
Time is important form student till the managing director of some company.
If student is not coming on time, it means he's not realizing the value of time, if a farmer is not cutting the crop on time then he's also not realizing that he is wasting his own time.

Luck always knocks the door of that person who realizes the value of time. Try to be punctual in every thing.
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There are many sayings about time. No one can deny its importance in his/her life. God has created this world for a reason and if we closely observe the nature, we would find plenty of things that come on time.

The sun, moon, stars and planets continue their motion in specific orbits and in fixed times. Sun rises from east at fixed time on every day and then sets in the west.
Similarly a child is born in this world and dies at its time. If we follow the principles of God we will be successful. The time is the most important factor of all. If we abide by it, we can never be penalized. Take an example of our daily life.

Your whole day activity if performed at time will be fruitful and results will be magnificent. You must attend your school, office or business in time to make the most out of it. If you take your breakfast, lunch and dinner in time, you will have good health. If you reach your assignments in time, you will be rewarded. If you sleep and get up in time, it will enhance your ability to work effectively. Your punctuality is the key of your success. The person who follows the principles of nature does always feel satisfied, content and above all victorious.
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"Time is D Most Precious Thing in this World...because Time Once Passed Become Your Past...& Past Can Never be back...!!!  Only Those who Value & respect it Will reach d Summit of Success in thier Life..!!
By..Irshad Mirza...!!
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Time is life so it's important in our living everyday, we spend our life depends on the time but the main is to have positive thought in order to live happily in the life.
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Time is a Important thing in life. If we don't utilize our time then we will fail in life. Time is gold. Once it's gone it can not be replenished. One moment you will be 10 years old then, you wake up one morning to find yourself 20. Manage your time wisely!!!!!!
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Time is of utmost importance to us in daily life, through time only we make targets for ourselves to achieve either in professional life or in personal life.
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The importance of time in our lives is how we live it and to be the best in what we do and to treat everyone better. Time is in direct relation to a gift that must not be misused !
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We can't imagine the life that we are leading without the invention of the concept of time and the statement itself says a lot about the importance of time.

Time brings regulation in our life and unless we regulate ourselves we are nor able to do any thing, however talented we are. We can take the case of a writer; no matter how talented he is but unless he sits for long hours to create, he is unable to create anything. The statement can be proved by the plight of many writers who are initially considered to be very talented but owing to their absolutely bohemian lifestyle the turn out to be a non-creators and their life is wasted without any notice by people of the world.
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Time is the most valuable thing after life the person who destroys time time will destroy them we should  know the importance of time and make proper utilization of it to achieve success in life.
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time and tide doesn't wait for any one .. This saying is very true. Even the creator of the universe cannot bring back the spent time .

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Time is us. No one will ever live without time. Without time, what can we do? We don't have time for walking, breathing, running, playing, talking, etc.

Time is clearly exquisite to us. We ran out of time, we ran out of everything. It is like the roots of the tree. We are the body of the tree. Without time which is the roots, we will die.

Nobody can ever control time. Time machines? Those are just fictional thoughts.

Plus, insolent people can never use their time properly, despite the fact that time is very limited or scarce.

With time, we can do what we need and want: properly.

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"Time is money"

A phrase used by Benjamin
Franklin in Advice to a Young Tradesman

Every human knows the value of money in their life,  that’s why we compare time with money to use wisely and
not to waste it. 

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In my words the time is like air; if air is not there we won't survive and it means we will be not able to breathe and we will die due to it. Like it only the time is also once the time is lost we cannot get it back again, for example in a student's life if we wrote a exam and came out of the examination hall and if we now recognize the answer also it is waste because we cant go back to the period which we wrote the exam and answer it so the time is precious in every human life. So what we do from now is we will save the time in every way we can. Suppose if you're now reading this passage and you can't go to the back which you read it already...  In villages what is happening is suppose if the child did not get a proper education in time then he may get on the time where he is not able to study now, which means he is an adult now then the time can't come to him and pick it to the past... So know the value of the time and do the things properly..... It may make your future beautiful as nature..... So do the things at a time ......


Monika .A

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Time is a treasure in today's world. Its importance is increasing with an increase in competition, who so ever is punctual is getting  the taste of success.

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Time is important in our life because we get to cherish memories and remember what we did in the past to live our life and dreams.

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Time is the basis of your power in this world the power to live happily, the power to live holy, the power to spread the love of GOD... If you want to know the value of year ask the student who failed to finish in schooling, if you want to know the value of month ask the parents of premature baby.

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