Who Wrote The 2nd Amendment, And When Was It Written?


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The second amendment to the US constitution was written by James Madison, who became a member of the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention in 1787. It was presented to the House of Representatives in Congress on 8 June 1789 and ratified in 15 december 1791.. It was one of a total of 10 amendments drafted by Madison, who is thus often known as the "father of the Bill of Rights" as well as being called "the father of the constitution" for his work on this (with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.)

The second amendment is famous for its enshrinement of the right of citizens to bear arms, a right which is still being hotly debated in the US today, regarding whether it refers to individuals or a specially appointed militia.

James Madison went on to become the 4th President of the US. He was elected in 1808 and re-elected in 1812. He died in 1836.
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James Madison wrote the 2nd Amendment to the United State's Declaration of Independence.

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