What Does The Title Buddha Mean?


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The term Buddha means "awakened one" or the "enlightened one." Buddha is a Sanskrit word, meaning any one who has attained a level of enlightenment, which overcomes earthly desires and forms of behaviour like greed, malice, anger, jealous, hatred, ignorance etc. He or she who follows the path of Buddha has complete and total liberation from suffering and worries. Buddhists consider enlightenment as nirvana, "the peak of happiness and bliss."

Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism is generally referred to as "Buddha", or "the Buddha". The word "Buddha" is the past participle of the Sanskrit root "budh," meaning "to awaken", or "to become aware". Gautam Buddha who gave the world the Four Noble Truths and freed himself from the world of concerns was called a Samma-Sambuddha --a Fully Enlightened One.
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Buddha means 'The Enlightened One'
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The term Buddha means "The Enlightened One" .
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The word buddha means The awakened one.
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Supreme being. One who has developed his mind to the highest extent

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