How Can You Figure Out Your Numerology Number?


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                                Accorrding to numerology your name adding to number 27 and your name has same meaning as number 27 have:-

A lucky number promising authority, power, and command. It indicates
that reward will come from the productive intellect. In simple words,
persons with this" compound" number at their back should carry out
their own ideas and plans.

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Numerology is a system of beliefs and traditions. It is seen existent in almost all cultures and dates back thousands of years. Numerology is considered to be a part of Divination and often associated with the occult. Many numerologists by adding the digits associated with your name as in A=1, B=2 and so on till Z=26. After adding all the digits, a single digit number is arrived upon. Keeping that number in mind, the person's information is made out, like the past, present and the future. Numerology has a lot of complications and requires a lot of calculations. Numerology depends upon the belief system of every individual.
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Another form of numerology uses the birth date.
For example, my friend was born 9/18/93
I add up all the numbers 9+1+8+9+3=30
Because it is still more than 1 number I add those two together.
She is a 3

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