How Is Mercy-killing Done?


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You are asking a very touchy question, and I want to say first: I am only speaking from my own experience.   This is NOT something you will ever hear a doctor say:  "Let's mercy kill this patient".  If a patient signs a form in a hospital stating his or her wishes regarding care in the absence of them being able to speak up for themselves, it's called a "Directive".  This directive can say anything from "I want all heroic measures to be carried out" to "I do not wish to be placed on extended life support". The latter type of patient will usually receive what is called "comfort care".  This is when an IV with a steady drip of morphine is slowly increased in dosage until the patient stops breathing.  At that point, no CPR is given.  Your term in question can also involve stopping the use of a ventilator in the presence of "brain death" or, the lack of brain activity noted on an electroencephalograph, and interpreted by a physician.  This usually looks like a flat line on a monitor instead of constant activity showing the brain is still functioning.  Hope this answers your question.
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Im doing my term paper right now on mercy killing becasue its based on the book Of mice and men. If there is anyway that u guys could send somthing to me i would greatly Appreciate it. Please and thank you
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Usually when you are in great, great pain, God wants you to die to end the pain.   But...
....the hospitals and doctors don't let you die the way God wants you to die.    Instead ,the
doctors hook you up to all kinds of tubes to make you breath and your heart to pump.   THESE
TUBES ARE EXTRA PAINFUL,  making you suffer, suffer and suffer.     Mercy killing is
disconnecting the tubes and LETTING YOU DIE THE WAY GOD WANTS YOU TO DIE, to
end your suffering.   Seesee

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