How To Make Realistic Vampire Fangs?


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Now fake fangs look WAY more like real fangs and actually allow you to function while wearing them. Not at all like the plastic kind we had to wear where you couldn't eat or drink. . There is some drying time involved when first molding them but well worth it.
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Step 1 get loads of tooth paste mold it into the shape of vampire fang.step 2. Do that with another pice of tooth paste and wait just over 24 hours (36 hours) and you shall get a nice set of fangs

if you can't do that one do this
step 1. Get some clay mold it into the shape and stick it in your mouth
step that again stick it in the same place as the other one but on the other side keep it in all night in the morning you have fangs!!!
tips don't eat after placing the clay in your mouth
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There is an interesting video on cost is about $20 dollars, about the cost of purchasing pre-made fangs. It's completely worth the cost because you get fangs that are tailor made for your mouth. Just make sure you get quality materials or else your fangs will break if you try to put them in your mouth.

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