What Are The Names Of The Mythbusters Presenters?


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The two longest-running regular presenters of Discovery Channel's MythBusters show are Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. T

he two have been with the show since it started in 2003. Hyneman (the guy with the beard and the beret) is a former movie SFX designer, while Adam Savage is a former animator and graphic designer, also for the movies.

Other co-presenters include three who all recently announced they would be leaving Mythbusters, namely Tony Belluci, Kari Byron (who both joined in 2004) and Grant Imahara (who started in 2005). Tony is the 'daredevil' of the show, and is sometimes injured performing dangerous stunts. 

Byron is an artist and sculptor who also presents the science show Head Rush.  Imahara is the geeky guy who builds the robots seen in Mythbusters.

The Lesser Seen Mythbusters

Jessi Combs, presenter of Extreme 4x4,  replaced Byron for half season while Byron was on maternity leave in 2009. Scottie Chapman, the 'mistress of metal', was a regular in seasons 2 and 3, and returned for a couple of episodes afterwards. Christine Chamberlain and Jessie Nelson have both appeared as 'MythTerns'.

Another regular, but unseen, is narrator Robert Lee.

If you're in the mood for some myth busting, here's the recent episode in which it was announced Imahara, Byron and Belluci would be leaving:

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