Is George Lucas A Christian? There Are Some Parts In Star Wars That Suggest That He Is. E.g.: "You Cannot Raise Someone From The Dead. Only One Person Has Managed To Do That."


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Lucas is interested in world mythologies; there is another answer on Blurtit that talks about the work of an anthropologist (Joseph Campbell) which partly inspired the Star Wars series.

That Anakin Skywalker was born of a Virgin is also sometimes seen as a Christian image... but it's a common enough theme in other religions and myths, too. A pure soul, born without the seed of man (I guess women are nothing but empty vessels without men, by that thinking).

Anyway, the apparent borrowing of Christian imagery has only alienated some fundamentalist religious groups, who are annoyed that these elements of their faith seem to be used for material aims (for Lucas to make money), and who don't recognise that these same themes and ideas are often found in other religions of the world; not just exclusive to Christianity. There have been proposed boycotts of Lucas films, on the basis that they exploit and disrespect Christianity.

Lucas was raised in a strongly Methodist family. As an adult he has spent a lot of time exploring the non-dominant religions (Buddhism, Taoism, native American beliefs, etc.) He nowadays identifies himself as a "Buddhist Methodist". He notes that every religion on the planet has tried to argue that the Star Wars films depict unique and special things from their own belief system.

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