Where Did The Word Dream Originate From?


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The word dream appears to have originated from the Middle English word 'dreem.'

Although some people speculate that 'dreem' was in turn obtained from the Old English word 'dream' - meaning joy, merriment or music - there has been no way of proving this, and although the words are spelt the same, it is likely that this is just a coincidence.

If you trace the word 'dream' back even further, you'll find the word 'draumaz,' which meant dream, hallucination or ghost in Proto-Germanic (the hypothetical ancestor of all Germanic languages, including English and German).

What Is a Dream?

A dream is a series of envisioned images, sounds and other feelings that occur during a state of slumber. Dreams are mostly experienced by all humans and mammals, as well as some bird species.

Some dreams have the power to strongly affect the emotions of the person who is experiencing them; sometimes they are even capable of scaring or terrifying the dreamer, in which case they are termed as nightmares.

Dreams are basically a chain of thoughts, they may be unrelated or related, that take place when a person is sleeping. An individual may or may not remember his or her dreams on waking up, generally one can recall hazy images on waking.

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