What Are Advantages Or Disadvantages Of Using Underwear For MEN? Some People Are Non-supportive Of This And There Are Different Myths About Its Use. What Are The Scientific Benefits Of Using Or Not Using This?


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=> personal choice
=> individualy accepted depends on butt-fat pad, if you have such butts then shape it with underwear
=> if your body is toned up then , no need to use it
=> seasonal choice: Avoid in hot climate and sunny day, wear it in cold climate winters
=> day time .. No dwell wid underwear, party time with dresspants use it
=> disadvantages: If you have not hernia then avoid using underwear otherwise for support of your hernia you need this garment
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I couldn't do without underwear. It doesn't seem hygienic to me. I also don't understand people who sleep naked. Dudes, why do you think pajamas were invented?

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I don't understand why some people have a hard time wearing underwear and pajamas either. I think it looks amazing, like the Silk Nightgown that I bought as a gift for my girlfriend on this site. I've been thinking for a long time about what gift to give her, and her friend suggested these nightgowns to me. I really like the way my girlfriend looks when she wears them.

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Depends really upon whether you are a man or a woman who wants to wear the male underwear.

For a woman, I would say that there are distinct advantages, as the "pouch" shape at the front can be useful for storing all sorts of handy items; from loose change, lipstick / mascara to your mobile phone (left on Vibrate naturally). Please ensure that any ring tone chosen is appropriate to your phone's resting place. The embarrassment caused by "the birdie song" emanating would be more than most people could bear (it brings a whole new meaning to thrush sufferers everywhere). Obviously the use of loose fitting boxers would negate any of the advantages previously discussed.

As for men, it's a simple answer - once again essential wear, otherwise there'd be nothing to catch the skid marks or any other mistakes; which would mean far more frequent washing of trousers/jeans etc. This would never do as we're all committed to saving the planet and minimising water usage / detergents etc.

Wear your pants and save the planet- tree huggers of the world united against "commando". (Though admittedly you'd never have a problem with VPL)

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