What Are Centaurs And What Is Their Importance In Mythical History?


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Centaurs are wonderful mythical creatures. They are very beautiful, with a man's torso and a Horse's lower body. They are usually illustrated with a bow and arrow in their hands.
The Centaur is the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius.
Centaurs are extremely brave and courageous. They prefer living in the woods only. They punish a person who tries to take over or enter their territory. Yet, they are merciful and kind to women and children who do not have any evil intentions.
Centaurs have a very high self-respect. They think of themselves as the best living creature on Earth. They cannot bear being called any degrading names. They become ready to kill and die for their self-respect. That is one the reasons they are called extremely proud creatures.
Centaurs are also said to have an excellent knowledge of Divination. They can tell the future and reveal the unknown by merely looking into fire, or by observing the stars and other heavenly bodies like planets.
Centaurs are portrayed as being a lot more intelligent than human beings. Thus they are excellent at Maths, Physics, Astronomy and Astrology.
All this thrilling information implies that Centaurs were an extremely important part of mythological history.
Centaurs can also be seen in present day movies and Novels like Harry Potter and Narnia.
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Are you serious, I think thats your personal opinion about Centaurs, they are savage beasts, they rape women, eat raw meat and live a savage life. All they knew is battle and fighting as they had a very rude nature.

Only Chiron and a few were wise among them.
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According to the Greek mythology, Centaurs are the race creatures which were in the shape of part man and part horse. They used to dwell in the mountains of Arcadia and Thessaly. Their importance in mythological history stems from the fact that they were involved in a battle with the Lapiths, driven by the intention to seize the bride of a Lapith prince. One can always find Centaurs in painting drawing Dionysus's (god of vegetation and wine) chariot. You can also find them being ridden by the Greek God of love. The king of Centaurs, Chiron, was known for his gentility and kind-hearted nature. He was the one who sprung the valiant heroes, Centaurs. Thus Centaurs were the gifted people who had the virtues of a horse coupled with the agility and wisdom of a man.
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Suppose you lived in a country long ago and had never seen a horse. Then suddenly you saw men riding on horseback, jumping ditches and running with the horse, staying on its back no matter what? You might think the horse and he man Were one Creature! Some Indians in America actually thought that when they saw the first Spaniards on horseback.
In ancient times, in the mountains of Thessaly in Greece, there lived a group of people who used to hunt bulls on horseback. They were such excellent riders, that people in the surrounding areas began to believe these were not really men on horses—but creatures that were half men, half horse. It is believed that the myth about the centaurs may have started this way.
The centaurs, in Greek mythology, were a race of beings, part horse, part man, who lived in the mountains of Thessaly and Arcadia. They were supposed to lead a wild and savage life, and Homer, the great poet, calls them "savage-beasts".
Characters in Greek myths always seem to have interesting adventures, and the centaurs were no exception. One such story concerns a king called Pirithous. He was celebrating his marriage to a woman called Deidamia. In the midst of the celebration, a drunken centaur called Eurytion carried her off. This started a great battle between the centaurs and the king's people. The centaurs were defeated.
But that kind of behaviour is what seems to have been expected of the centaurs. In later times, statues and paintings of centaurs often showed them pulling the cart of Dionysus, who was the god of wine, or being ridden by the eros, who was the god of love.
The idea of the centaurs, and the battles that were supposed to take place with them, had a symbolic meaning. It was supposed to suggest the struggle between civilization and barbarism.

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