What Is The Religious Importance Of Temple Of Solomon In The Jewish History?


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King Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem with the most extravagant resources available to him .It was built at Mount Moriah (a place where Abraham tried to sacrificed Isaac), that's why this place was the best choice for the temple. It is considered as the first Jewish temple in Jerusalem and was used for the religious practices. This temple was constructed in 10th century BCE .The temple was attacked many a times and was badly destructed by the Babylonians in 568 BCE.
A very sacred religious symbol the Ark of Covenant was lost when the temple was destructed. According to some Jewish scriptures this ark will remain hidden until the God gathers his people together again. Temple was rebuilt during the Persian period. Romans destroyed the temple completely in 70AD. Jews believe that the temple of Solomon will be rebuilt before the coming of Antichrist (the Jewish Messiah). The Orthodox Jews pray three times a day for the restoration of the temple and not only this they have done a lot of practical work for this cause. Every Jewish mother have dream for her child that he will participate in the construction of temple and will turn her dream into a reality. They have been making efforts for 2000 years.
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Solomon's Temple is also known as First Temple. It is the first temple of Jews in Jerusalem, according to the Bible. It is also called Beit HaMikdash in Hebrew. This temple is the main and very important place for worship and sacrifices for Jews. In ancient Judaism it is known as Korbanot. This temple was built in 10th century BC. However it was destroyed in 586 BC, by the Babylonians. In 515 BC the temple of Solomon was reconstructed, and the temple which is now in Jerusalem is the reconstructed temple of Solomon. Most of the Jews from all around the world come and worship over here. Sometime before dying, King David had provided building material in abundance. Later king Solomon decided to give effect to this idea and provided additional and stronger building materials.

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