Which is the largest church in London?


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In terms of size, there are only three real contenders in the category of London's biggest church:
  • St. Pauls Cathedral in central London
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Westminster Cathedral

The largest church in London
St. Paul's Cathedral is probably the largest church in the British capital. It has a capacity of 3,500 people - which is why Princess Diana and Prince Charles chose it as their wedding venue.

More recently, Kate and William decided on Westminster Abbey for their big day, opting for a more low-key vibe. It has a capacity of just 2,000 guests.

However, if you're looking for the largest Catholic church in town, then you'll have to travel a few minutes down the road from Westminster Abbey - until you get to Westminster Cathedral near Victoria.

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Hillsong, HTB and St Mary's are all pretty large with several services per day.

Christchurch is not the largest, but is definitely the best!
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KICC, HTB, El Shaddai. I wish I knew more large churches, so that I could advertise events on my website...
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Westminster Abbey or St. Paul's.
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Do you mean physically, ie size of building, or size of congregation?

KICC, Ruach, New Wine etc all have 2000+

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