What Are The Top 10 Largest Christian Churches In Ohio?


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Based on weekly attendance numbers:
1. Crossroads Community Church (Cincinnati, Ohio - Pastor Brian Tome - 11469 attendees)
2. Vineyard Church of Columbus (Pastor Rich Nathan - 8000 attendees)
3. The Chapel (Akron, Ohio - Pastor Knute Larson - 8000 attendees)
4. Cedarcreek Community Church (Perrysburg, Ohio - Pastor Lee Powell - 8000 attendees)
5. Vineyard Community Church (Cincinnati, Ohio - Pastor Dave Workman - 6300 attendees)
6. Crossroads Community Church (Mansfield, Ohio - Pastor Tim Armstrong - 5500 attendees)
7. World Harvest Church (Columbus, Ohio - Pastor Rod Parsley - 5000 attendees)
8. The Word Church (Warrensville Heights, Ohio - Pastor R.A. Vernon - 5000 attendees)
9. Xenos Christian Fellowship (Columbus, Ohio - Pastors Delashmutt & McCallum - 4200 attendees)

Tenth is a four-way tie, all with 4000 attendees:
First Church of God (Columbus, Ohio - Pastor Timothy Clarke)
Cornerstone Church (Toledo, Ohio - Pastor Michael S. Pitts)
Man's Authentic Nature (Loveland, Ohio - Pastor Eric Pederson)
Ginghamsburg Church (Tipp City, Ohio - Pastor Michael Slaughter)
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The Word Church is 1 church but it has 4 locations. There is Word Akron, Word Downtown, Word Main (Warrensville) and Word East. With all locations combined there is over 34,000 members making it the largest church in Ohio. However if you only include the Warrensville location then it would still be placed where it is.

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