What Did Allama Iqbal Say In His Essay On "The Muslim Community"?


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The Muslim community is different from all the other communities of the world. In the Muslim community, the bond of unity is neither country nor color, nor language nor economic conditions. The main unifying force in the Muslim community is Islam. Islam disregards all the distinctions of caste and color, country and climate, language and living. Muslims are a single community though they may live in different countries, speak different languages and have different colors.

Iqbal firmly believes that Islam is a complete code of life. It can fulfill all the physical and spiritual mental and moral needs of our existence. Iqbal is of the view that religion is more a matter of faith than reason. It is a follow to understand religion with abstract rationalism. This folly has been committed by many French and English thinkers who mistakenly believe that Islam is only a spiritual religion, and cannot give any moral guidance to the world. Islam is, no doubt, against abstract rationalism and impracticable morality.

But its laws are never conflict with higher reason and morality. Analysing the Muslim culture, the writer says that it is a harmonious combination of the Aryan and Semitic cultures. From the Aryan culture it has gained its refinement of mind and manners and its love for art and architecture. From Semitic culture it has borrowed its masculinity, courage and practicability.
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Allama Iqbal is the national poet of Pakistan. He was off the view that Muslims have lost their originality and importance so they should be back. He wrote an essay on The Muslim Community topic. This essay was all about what he was feeling about the present status of Muslims. He was interested to ameliorate the status of Muslims round the world. As he was living in the South Asia so his main area of interest was sub-continent. He wanted to wake them from a long and hibernating hour.

They were unaware of their originality and importance of Islam. As Islam can do wonders but they were avoiding it keenly.They were forgetful of the principles and regulations of Islam. They were going to follow western culture. This was a great loss for them. In fact, they wanted to do a lot for their nation but their spirit was totally dead. Dead don't breathe at all. He awakened them and told them how to get a nation, Pakistan. He had seen the dream of Pakistan.
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Allama iqbal was born in 9 nov

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