Discuss The Importance Of Two Nation Theory In The Light Of The Saying Of The Allama Iqbal And Quaid_e_azam?


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Quaid-e-Azam’s Statement on Two Nation Theory

He expounded the two nation theory in such detail that most Muslims
and even some Hindus came to believe in its truth. He declared:
“Muslims are not a minority; they are one nation by every definition
of the word nation. By all canons of international law we are a nation.”
Quaid-e-Azam reiterated that Hindus and Muslims could ever evolve a
common nationality was an idle dream.
In 1973, he said:

“Hindustan is neither one country, nor its inhabitant’s one nation.
This is sub continent which consists of many nations of which the
Hindus and Muslims are two major nation.”
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Those who argue that Hindus and Muslims are two irreconcilable nations simply based on the fact that India had to deal with Islamic invaders must also quantify  how many of the sub-continent's Muslims identified, or collaborated with such barbaric  excesses of conquest. Did ordinary Muslims see Islamic invaders as their champions or liberators, as some argue?  Could one  conclude  that all Muslims were in some way responsible for the acts of violent desecration that took place? If this were true, how is it that a majority of these Islamic invaders had to fight local Islamic rulers to gain control of India? And how is it that ordinary Muslims were as much victims of pillage and plunder as were Hindus?

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