Who Is The Most Famous Wizard?


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Until recently, I think Merlin would have won the contest for most famous wizard hands-down.

But with the recent popularity of wizarding 'franchises' like Harry Potter and The Wizards of Waverly Place, Merlin's tenure at the top of the wizardry profession looks far less stable.

The most famous wizard in the world

Merlin is the name of the wizard and adviser to King Arthur in Arthurian legend.
The character of Merlin appears in literature dating back to the 1100s, and is thought to be based on folklore and legends of the British Isles, and more specifically Wales.

The name Merlin has been synonymous with wizardry and magic for centuries, and for this reason I'd probably suggest that he is the most famous wizard 'of all time'.

If you're interested in knowing who the most famous wizard currently is though, then that might be another story all together.

The most famous wizard of our times

Since the release of the book Harry Potter and The Philospher's Stone, wizardry and magic have been re-injected into popular culture.

The character of Harry Potter in the series of books by British author J.K. Rowling has enjoyed the kind of super-stardom that is usually reserved for celebrity rappers and sports stars.

The social and cultural impact of the books, and the subsequent film releases have really left their mark on our times. For this reason, I'd say that Harry Potter was the most famous wizard of modern times.
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Merlin is by far the most famous wizard. This is due to the notoriety of the Story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.
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Harry Potter is the most famous wizard.
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Mary Ortega answered
The best wizard of all times is Gandalf.
The second place goes to Dumbledore, and the third place is for Harry Potter.

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