Is There Such Thing As A Wizard?


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I really believe theres a wizard out there.
It's like unicorns people think they do not exist anymore but they do in a far off land.
You might think I am crazy, but every storm you see comes from  me.

Every fire you see comes from my friend.
Every snowflake you see comes from my other friend.
Without us we would have nothing but the moon and stars.

We work our lives to let people know there are Wizards in the world.
We found a life magic vine in our yard.

When I am mad clouds move in.
When my friends are happy it snows or heats up.

My point is believe in wizards and let magic belong to the world once again.
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I belive it but I don't uderstand y I can't fing that power!?
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Lol every1 answered as anonymous so that noone could see that they believed in wizards

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There are people that call themselves wizards, but they are no more powerful than the random person standing on the street corner. The only thing they have is power of suggestion. Everyone has that.

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Wow.  Way to impersonate God.  Sac religious freak.

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