How Many Times Does The Word Love Appear In The Bible?


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 Love may not be the most used word in the Bible. But the Bible is all about Love the very and true meaning in the Bible is about Love. From Adam and Eve to the Revelation is love. Jesus the very Son of the Living God coming to earth living as one of us and giving the ultimate sacrifice is about Gods Love for us. The most powerful verse in the Bible which so many people overlook due to the fact we learn it at such a young age. John 3:16"For God so Loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life." But also when asking about the word love you should also be reminded that in the Bible the word charity and love have the same meaning. Whether the word Love is the most used or not the Bible is ultimately the book of Love and Gods will is of perfect love towards us.
    The greatest love story ever told is of how Jesus came to this earth and payed a price he didnt owe so we could have eternal life. God is love and love is of God. So don't be so concerned with how many times the word love is used in the Bible but be comforted in knowing that God truly loves us all and that is what the Bible tells us.
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I just ran the word LOVE on the bible gateway online.  It's actually how I ended up here.  I wondered the same question.

Interestingly enough, I had 697 results of the word, LOVE.  However I was using the International Version.  Upon reading the above, I ran it through KING JAMES version.
The word LOVE had been REDUCED to 442 times (that's a difference of 255)

Lastly the 21st century KING JAMES.  The word LOVE was increased to a count of 443.

I am now EXTREMELY CURIOUS as to WHY that is.
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The reason that it changes from version to version is that the translated word may have more than one meaning depending on the translator may have put like instead of love. Also the letters in Greek and Hebrew look alike that an unlearned translator may miss. Even if it has a similar meaning it was not what the author intended.
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That depends on which translation and upon which Greek, Hebrew word that is translated from into love. You are asking a question that could have many answers.

NIV 505
NLT 581
TNIV 202

NOTE: You are still too broad. Like, brotherly love, love above self and on and on are all translated into love in some translations. Love is from at least 4 Greek words.
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Maybe it's not use that many times, but for me I think he should have been, because it is the most powerful word you can feel that doesn't harm the mind, body or soul. I can say Jesus used it more then anyone back then, This is a problem right now, we do not know how to love yourselves or one another and it's a shame.
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I haven't counted them myself, but according to King James Bible Online, "love" isn't even in the first 250 most used words in the King James Bible, where it's mentioned 333 times, far behind "evil" (657), "fear" (528), "death" (456), "sword" (443), "sin" (441), "blood" (415), "wicked" (413) and "dead" (399).

Still according to the same source, the single most used word is "and", and the most used noun is "lord".
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The King James uses words like lovest and charity as well. This would account for the reduced number of occurrences of the word "love".
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Buy a freaking concordance.

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