How Can The Life Of Holy Prophet (SAW) Serve Us As A Model In Our Daily Lives?


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Holy Prophet (SAW) is the Seal of all the Prophets and a perfect personality as well. Holy Prophet (SAW) is the only man the history of mankind whose every detail is recorded. Not only had the important events of his life but all of the details from his birth till death are recorded. Holy Prophet's life was complete from every angle and aspect. There is no personality in the world which can even match one quality of Holy Prophet (SAW). His teachings were not only confined to mosque.

In home, he advised his family, in battlefield, he devised the laws of war of peace, in market, he gave the principles of buying and selling and when solving disputes among his followers, friends or companions, he gave them a criminal and civil code of judgement which later became the laws of Islamic Shariat. He is a role model for every person, working in every field and profession. In Holy Quran, the prophets before are compared as lamps while Holy Prophet (SAW) is compared as the radiant sun and as there is no need for any light after the sun, then surely there shall not be any need for any prophet after Holy Prophet (SAW).

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