How Holy Prophet Can Be As A Role Model?


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Muhammad (PBUH) can be a great role model because he is trustworthy, truthful, nice to people, never gets angry, patient...etc
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What soever things are right, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are holy, these then are the things of GOD. These should be the things that a prophet holds dear as well. And I am a prophet too I think.
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Holy Prophet pbuh is a excellence role model fo life bcz he remained fair and just in every sphere of life ;Business,social and military etc.If we talk abt business dealings of Prophet so he said:
  "GOd may show mercy to those who are kindly when they sells,when they buys and those   who take their loan back with patience"   (AL-HADIS)

Moreover there is hell of difference between war and jihad.Holy Prophet supported jihad as its rules are better than war.Holy Prophet treated prisoners in well manner and declared general pardon on every fight.He always ordered his companions to not kill women,children and old people as well as ordered to not cut trees nor poison the well.Fight was always due to some specific reasons where the words of GOD ( Holy Quran) were under threat.
Hence his good conduct in every circle of life shows that he Is excellent model of life!
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If we read Prophet's pbuh life mindfully and grasp the thoughtfulness that he pbuh tried to tell Muslims and wanted them to follow then onlly we can know how he pbuh is a Big role model for all of us.His way of life,his sayings,his dealings at the time of war,trade,carrying out different activities make him pbuh a pefect role model for everyone of us to follow.
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In no bibles, quran, gita does it say about killing people and going to war. If everyone was religious the world would be a lovely place. If people took prophets as role models then the world should be a happy place...which it is not
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World is not a happy place to live ,itis your examination ,if your are sucessful in this examination your place is PARADISE and if you fail Your Place is HELL.

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