What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Your Boyfriend Giving You A Promise Ring?


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To get the meaning of your dream, you first need to understand about the dreams. There are two types of dreams in the world. Both have nearly same function. The dream is basically generated by the human brain, when the body is in the relax mood. Therefore what you see in the dreams is your will to do or happen in the real life. It is desire of a person which brain shows on the actual atmosphere in the dreams. The second types of dreams are realistic dreams.

Our brain also works as an antenna. In psychological study, we have found that brains always emit waves from them. We only interact with the people whose waves are matched with us. In realistic dreams the brains suspects a future hopeful event and show them to you in dreams. In this way we see the realistic dreams.
In your dream, in my opinion, the scenario shows that you would get good news from one of your friends or you will hear good news from your boyfriend, if this is a realistic dream. Otherwise the brain has shown you the wish of yours that you got a promising ring from your boyfriend.
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It's a bad sign, wishing sometimes means that there is likely of you to be possessed which might be unknown to you. Shay signifies that you are engaged to your spirit boyfriend or husband. The earlier the better for you to deliver yourself from that bundage. You are likely to encounter break ups in all your relationship with your physical boyfriends.
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hum..i came to this board because i had a simialar dream about a lover giving me a ring made of opal (to my dismay) instead of a diamond and i see my name "shay" in your post...hum..wondering if this was a typo. or maybe i was meant to see this...hum...?
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Their is a lot of things that need to be understood first, is it repeating?
Is it in color or black and white?
Do you see faces of people you know?
Did those people say anything to you?
Have you been thinking about this a lot in your awake hours?

With what you said I feel the latter question might be in order.

If so you have an obsession that has possibly manifested itself as a dream.

Next time please supply the true answers to the above questions, please.

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