How Do You Know If You're A Vampire?


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I'm not going to debate whether or not vampires are real.

But I will address you people who think you are vampires.

Burn your copy of Twilight. This is not an accurate or a flattering depiction of Nosferatu.

Go buy a copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula. If you can actually manage to read the whole book, congratulations, it is not an easy read.

This is a much better version of the vampire archetype to emulate, if you insist on doing so.
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Things that MIGHT tell you if youre a Vampire:

  1. You sleep in a coffin on dirt that you had imported from Transylvania.

  2. You go to bed at sun up not sun down.

  3. You can't see yourself in the mirror when you try to put on your make-up in the morning.

  4. You wouldnt BE putting on make-up in the morning... You would be putting it on at night.

  5. You can fly.

  6. You have long fangs.

  7. You bite people on the neck.

  8. You don't drink a glass of orange juice when you wake up, you drink a glass of blood when you wake up.

  9. Sunlight burns.

  10. Holy water burns.

  11. Crosses burn.

  12. You can't cross the threshold of a church without bursting into flames.

  13. You hear "steak" and don't think Bar B Que, you think heart pain.

  14. You don't fog the glass when you breathe on it.

  15. You don't breathe.

  16. You have no heartbeat.

  17. You just celebrated your 300th birthday and people mistake your great great great great great grandaughter for you mother.

And finally....
   18.  Count Dracula was your prom date.

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Well first, I've got to agree with Amore. And second, for the sake of argument, if you're asking, then you're not one!! In all the movies I've seen, both old and new, I don't recall seeing a vampire who didn't know they were one. So I wouldn't worry if I were you.
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You can't sleep at night. You can't go into direct sun light, You are drawn to a coffin. Your skin is pale. You hunger for blood that is fresh from a living person or animal. You cannot see your reflection in the mirror. You avoid crucifixes. Stakes through you heart can be deadly and you do not age.
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I have to agree with the other answers. It seems to me that if you were a "real" vampire, you would know it. There is the whole food/blood issue and depending on whose fiction you want to believe there is the issue with sunlight.
So I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I can tell if you are a real vampire or not and the answer is no, you are not a vampire.
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You push the stone from the entrance to your sealed grave after you are dead and buried.  You tell people that if they believe in you and drink your blood, they will not perish but have everlasting life.
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Vampires only exist in people's imagination. They are creatures of myth and do not exist in real life. If you are experiencing some of the "characteristics" of vampirism, then you might either have a chemical disorder, a disease process, or a mental illness. It would behoove you to have it checked out by a medical professional.
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Well my problem is I hate blood, don't like the sun, sleep all day and my teeth, were "fangs" are supposed to be, are becoming very sharp.I guess these are some signs of a vampire. I hope this helps.
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I know very vampires, but I do not know very well their transformation. But you will usually have the urge for human blood. This is all I know. I am sorry, I am only an elf.
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Well I'm a werewolf don't get all angry but I can help ask any of your friends if you are a vampire I ask my friend who is a werewolf if he think I am and I cam out to be a werewolf
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Vampirism is thought to have started with Vlad the Impaler, and this was made to sound that he craved the blood of his enemies which he impaled and killed. Realistically though, he would have died from drinking human blood.
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Hears the thing if you were a vamp. You would know it mainly becouse there are sertain things that you have to do in order to become a vampire. I will tell anyone I find worthy of these things if the leave a comment with there email on it.
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Well there is no such thing as a real vampire.  But a lot of people are so obsessed with vampires, that they make themselves become one- by wearing pale skin, dark clothes, even drinking blood.  It is a satanic cult behavior- normal people do not drink human blood!  YUK!
Not everyone can be Edward Cullen by the way.
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I think you'd probably know if you were a Vampire!
Some people might think they're Vampires but they don't really exist apart from in the imagination and in stories. The idea of Vampires was made up and surrounded the life of Vlad the Impaler who did exist but was not a Vampire.
The stories are part of folklore in many cultures and people have been scared to the point were they have really believed that they exist. The association with Vampires and bats has probably come from the fact that bats sleep in the day time and come to life at night. They don't bite or do any of the scary things they're credited with!
If people behave like the story book Vampires it's because they want to not because they're really Vampires so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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I can't believe that there are really so many people out there that would believe in a vampire but not a spirit that is here lingering on the earth. There is no such thing as a vampire!!!!

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