What Is The Role Of Religion In The Modern World?


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Religion is necessary or not?
It looks a simple question. If some person give answer to that question yes, then he wants to say that religion help and guide you to the right and true path and religion is for every individual person. Because of that reasons religion is import for human life. This question may be correct in the view of some people and may be wrong in the view of other. People have different misconception about religion.

In the 18th and 19th century with the advancement in the science and technology, the different studies also affect the mind of people of that time. At some time when the questions related to religion were only considered as philosophical now they are raising in the every one's mind. But that's not necessary that if a person is thinking about the religion he must be having some philosophical back ground behind that question.

In today's world of science and technology some people think that there is no need of any religion. When a person reached a maturity stage, he starts looking at the thing, start observing the things. When he looks and observes the thing question comes into his mind for example who I am? Form where I come from? What is the universe? How this earth, solar system and planets are created? How this whole system is working? Etc. according the scholars religion, philosophy and science exist only to answer these questions.
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I think religion still has a large impact on many peoples lives.

But then again, it has changed a lot.

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