I'm An Aries. What Is My Lucky Color And Number?


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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Its element is fire and it's ruled by the planet Mars. Aries is an extroverted and positive sign.

The body parts associated with this sign are the head and face, and the direction Aries prefer is south.

Aries mode is cardinal, and the sign is depicted by the ram.

Aries's lucky numbers: Six and seven.

Aries's lucky color: Bright red.

What are Aries's lucky numbers and colors?
  • Arians are known for their adventurous attitude, energetic personalities and fiery tempers!
  • Aries are pioneering and courageous creatures, who are the zodiac's natural-born leaders.
  • They exude confidence, wit and energy - something which other signs love about Aries.
  • On the downside, they have the potential to be selfish and controlling. Their temper can also get them into trouble.
  • They're impulsive and impatient, which does not always serve them well, especially when dealing with relationship issues.

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