What Is Your Zodiac Sign?


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Like you charming, I am Libra. October 10th.
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Laura Smith answered
I am the archer: Sagittarius Dec 12
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Anonymous commented
That is my Grandma's birthday and Mom told me that your sister shares my Mom's birthday I think, 5/17?
Laura Smith
Laura Smith commented
yes ! my sister was born may 17 ! cool so you are both taurus !!
Ilina commented
Lol my Mom is a Sag too
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I'm Aries-March 25!!!
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I am a Leo, Aug. .... 8th, there you got it out of me. Ugh!!! You are not getting the year love! ♥
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I am a Leo, July 26th, and thank you all for the birthday wishes as I am NASCARNUT'S wonderful little angel...lol!!!

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