What Is The Meaning Of The Mount Of Venus In Palmistry?


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This is the mount of Venus which available near thumb and life line creates a round on it. The line of mars is also available on it. The Venus is the Goodies of love and natural desires. Normally it belongs to female and shows the marriage live of her. The powerful mount of Venus shows the famine nature and love marriage. If the Venus mount is too much abroad and soft then it shows the powerful sensual desires of a person. If a triangle appeared on this mount this it shows the success in love. If the square is appeared on it then it shows the defenses in love.

If a cross appeared on this mount then it shows the unsuccessful love. Some lines are available on Venus and they go in different directions like if a line start from Venus and go to first finger then it shows that person shows his sensual powers as a pride. If this line start from Venus and got to second or big finger then it shows hurdles in sex. If this line starts from Venus and go to ring finger then it means that person may famous by a lady killer. If this line goes to Mercury or small finger then it means that person has many sensual relations.

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