How Many Types Of Nails In Palmistry?


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The nails are very important in palm reading. They represent the health and diseases of a person. There are number of types in palm reading like:
Long nails: Long nails are not naturally strong. The people who have this type of nails they face different type of chest problems. If long nails are on narrow position then that shows the intensity of Calcium. If long nails color is blue then it means the person face
different blood problem and this problem is commonly available in female. By nature, the people who have long nails they can't bear criticism .They are peaceful and gentle. They have a lot of interest in poetry and fine arts. But they mostly make castle in the air and
not realistic.

Small nails: Small nails are common type of nails. They represent the problem of heart diseases. If small nails are in narrow shape then it means the people who have these are infected by some nerves problems. If white spots are appeared on small nails then take
care of your health because it represents the heart attack.
Rounded nails: The rounded nails are mostly in small shape. They represent the person is very romantic but shy.
Wide nails: The wide nails are available in small and long shape. If they are in long shape then they have the same properties of long nails but if they are in small shape then they have some of properties of small nails. By nature, the person who has this type of nail he
\she is a very good critic and have a good sense of humor.

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