How Much Fate Plays A Role In Our Lives?


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There are too many factors in our lives that make us to believe on fate. Fate has a major role in the life of a human being.Actually the fate and effort both matter a lot in the human life. There is fifty percent contribution of fate and fifty percent of the efforts that you make to gain something in life.

Sometimes it happens that we can not get something irrespective of all of our efforts so, we start to think that there is nothing but fate in the life. It is wrong to think such that because if every one stops to make efforts then how the system of this universe will run. Fate is very much important but it is not every thing. But it is also true that some people do not struggle as much as they get in their lives. It is just their fate that makes them successful.

But we should not take any risk in our lives. We should not depend solely on the fate because we do not know what is in our fate and what is not. We should make our best and then leave it upon the fate. It'll be a logical approach toward the life.
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I personally believe our lives are written out for us before we are even born (or re-born). I think that is where free will comes in. I like to use the illustration that (our) life is a trail. Along that trail, you will come across turns, forks, pretty much everything you can think of that's on a trail. We have our free will to turn down a trail, only to realize it's a dead end & turn around. As far as fate ties in to this, it's almost like saying fate is destiny or a coincidence. I do not believe anything is a coincidence.
My bottom (personal) line is Everything Happens For A Reason. I also like "You Will Never Be Where You Are Not Needed".

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Fate is a word that determines destiny,however we were given a free will.And because we were given a free will we choose our own destiny-fate is not set.Fate isn't responsible for our lives or afflictions.This life is a big spiritual battle and it isn't too hard to figure out.There are only to mysteries-the mystery of righteousness,and the mystery of evil.

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