I Smell Lily Of The Valley Very Strongly A Couple Of Times A Day..it Lasts For About 10-15 Minutes Each Time.my Family Can Smell It As Well.the Smell Disappears With No Trace.does That Mean I May Have A Ghost?


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This smell is of supernatural origin. I can tell you that the Holy Ghost does NOT smell of lilies. However, Jesus who is often present when people are gathered in His name does have the scent of the most beautiful lily in the world. You will also note the only flower Jesus ever talked about was the lily and how it span and turn.

I smell lilies in church. Some smell it when people are dying or have died. There are other supernatural scents too, but they are Orthodox and Catholic Christian oriented. E.g. The scent of Mary, Mother of God and the Holy Ghost.

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It maybe the HOLY SPIRIT, as one of the names Jesus has is in fact 'The Lily of the Valley'.
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It could well be that you do, but check around your neighborhood and see if there aren't any of them that might be catching on the air, and wafting into your home. If there aren't, then there is a good chance that you do, and I would not take this odor as a threat in any way. Hope this helps you out.
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Well first off, check around you're neighborhood first to see it there are any lily fields or gardens nearby. Second see if any of you're household items hold that fragrance to them or if you got any of your furniture from a place where lilies might grow. If so then you might not have a ghost, you might just have a lingering memory. For example, have you ever sat somewhere where a person who has just been crying has left. You seem to feel the sadness around the in the air for a few moments but then it moves on. That is what a lingering memory is. And even if you did have a ghost there is no need to worry about it as long as all it is doing is letting you smell the lilies for a few minutes. Kind of it to let you enjoy something so natural. :)
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It's funny, I was trying to find an answer for the same thing and I found your question. I have been smelling the same scent last week, mostly when I am outside but at home too. At first I thought it was people around me smelling like lily of the valley but all people around me,is too much of a coincidence! Even at home sometimes, it comes and goes. I don't wear any perfume so it can't be that.
I see that no one answered seriously!
A friend of mine said that may be  it could be someone from my past,someone deceased. That's all I have.
I am the only one smelling it, my family don't.
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I suggest you set up a video camera in the area where the smell occurs.
If you see something like this on the film, you definitely have a ghost:
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A. I fail to see what a smell has to do with "ghosts". Are they wearing perfume now? I think I missed that memo.

B. The smell disappears with no trace? Really? Isn't that the very definition of a smell dissipating? If you could still smell traces of an odor, it wouldnt be "gone" now would it?

C. When you see hoof prints, think horses and not zebras (or in this case unicorns). Don't you think there is a SLIGHTLY more likely explanation for a smell in your house (or where ever) than "ghosts"?

D. There is no such thing as ghosts, so to answer your question: NO, it does not mean you have a ghost.

E. I never really got that expression... "I have a ghost". Is like like having a cat or a car? Do you own it? Perhaps it's just a time lease?
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Probably you have something wrong with your brain(no really). It can cause you to smell things that are not around you .people with this problem tell people they are smelling things they have experienced in the past.people who have tumors often say they smell things that are not there. I hope this is not the case.I think you need to have your head examined(for your own well being).or something could be growing around the house that smells like what you are associating with lilly of the valley.just my opinion
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Since ghosts do not exist, that would be no.
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So you are one of those people who believe in "to see is to believe" and that everything can be proved by science right? Well still if not, then have you ever seen a ghost? I have. It was a nice old lady who used to live in the house i had moved into. Just because you don't meet something doesn't mean it isn't real.
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I've seen lots of things which don't actually exist. Granted it may have been due to psychoactive pharmacological agents, but the fact remains that there is a strict delineation between reality and everything else. Your belief in ghosts is no different then other people who believe in mythical beings like Santa Claus, vampires, and Jesus.
Stewart Pinkerton
Yeah, I really miss the '70s and LSD - but flashbacks were a bitch!

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