How Do You Know If A Person Is Your Perfect Match?


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Ryanna Brown Profile
Ryanna Brown answered
After time and knowing them well... Some wait years some only wait a few months. My grandparents married straight out of school after dating for years and lasted until death do us part... That varies from person to person.... I have been with my bf for two years, we have discussed marriage but that is a big step and should never be made with the thought of if things don't work we can get divorced... If you think of quiting before you start there is little chance of finishing the race...
tinga nih Profile
tinga nih answered
If both are willing to give their life to each other.. You do make things to make him/her the perfect match.. People adjust and would do anything for the love of their life.. If you ask these things chances are you haven't really found one.. And so am i.. =D but they will come.=D
Lovetta DiNino Profile
Lovetta DiNino answered
You dont know you just have to take a chance
katelyn Profile
katelyn answered
Depends on your definition of perfect and it just the feelings you have for her and when you talk text etc. With her something just tells you

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