Does Casting Spells On People Work?


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I had to ask bc I know someone who cast a spell  on someone for dislike and money lost and they lost everything like within a month and none likes them so I was what the heck I thought they where crazy until it happened
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Ok, I heard something weird the other day.  When my former neighbor was just a child, a curse was put on the mother's offspring.  Well one day, my neighbor ran out of another neighbor's house screaming there was something bad in the house and they wouldn't ever go back there again.  Soon after, my neighbor was so petrified, they wouldn't eat, drink, walk, or talk; only sleep.  This lasted for over 9 months.  One day the mother and her other children were pushing the child in a stroller, and they found the former neighbor who'd cast the "spell" and after the mother confronted them, the spell was soon 'lifted' and my old neighbor soon returned back to normal as if nothing had happened.  How was this possible?
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I have not experience or heard anything like that in my entire life.I hope you don't seriosly think that casting spells work. And paying money also doesn't help. That's just a scam . It's really just a waste of time and money. People who say otherwise are lying.They only want your money.But on the contrary you never know what is real and what is not until you see or experience it yourself.

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