Who Can Tell Me The Names Of 124000 Prophets?


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I only know a few -
Hazrat Adam - 930 years
Hazrat Shees - 912 years
Hazrat Idrees-356 years
Hazrat Nuh-950 years
Hazrat Hud-265 years
Hazrat Salih-586 years
Hazrat Shoaib-882 years
Hazrat Daood
Hazrat Sulaiman-150 years
Hazrat Dhul-Kifl
Hazrat Ayoob-146 years
Hazrat Yunus
Hazrat Iramya
Hazrat Ilyaas
Hazrat Al-Yasa
Hazrat Kharkeel
Hazrat Ismael bin Kharkeel
Hazrat Sh3ya
Hazrat Haiqooq
Hazrat Armiya
Hazrat Danial
Hazrat Isaiah
Hazrat Uzair
Hazrat Jarjees
Hazrat Khizar
Hazrat Musa-125 years
Hazrat Haroon-119 years
Hazrat Yusha bin Nun - 112 years
Hazrat Ibrahim-195 years
Hazrat Ismael bin Ibrahim-137 years
Hazrat Lut
Hazrat Ishaaq-120 years
Hazrat Yaqoob-139 years
Hazrat Yusuf-110 years
Hazrat Zakariyah-207 years
Hazrat Yahya-95 years
Hazrat Isa
Hazrat Muahmmad  -63 years
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There is no way one can tell names of all 124000 prophets because only names of 25 prophets have been mentioned in The Muslims holy book "The Quran".To check about those 25 names visit:
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To add to my initial answer to the question, Elijah the prophet is recorded as having a school of prophets . This truth then would show that were many more prophets in the Christian faith alone, and 124,000 in general might be an understatement.
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Give thanks to allah
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Salam to all muslim brother and sisters
how can I search the   holy name of all prophets plz tell me?
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There is no book or any source that can give you 1,24,000 prophets. There are some 20-25 prophets names of which can be evidenced in different Holy books Like Quran and Bible.

Visit this link for more details:
' target='_blank' class='qa'>en.wikipedia.org
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Being that a prophet is defined as someone who speaks by divine inspiration; someone who is an interpreter of the will of God, there very well could be, the 124,000 whom you are referring to. This of course would be those who lived on earth throughout the ages.

Prophets in this light,are not and were not exclusive to only the Christian or the Muslim religion. the Muslims I believe recognize 25 prophets in their faith. Therefore, as your question is posed, this answer would have not one, exclusive religious affiliation.

Many various faiths and religions around the world, speak of prophets, both male and female, who spoke to people as they interpreted the will of God...(their Gods).

I do know for a fact however, that throughout the bible, there are thousands who spoke with divine inspiration to people. They were seen by those who believed, as being interpreters of God's will, to man.

If one were to study and research the hundreds of religions, they would surely find 124,000 or more.

As a Christian, I am aware however, that the bible records names and prophecies of 48 prophets and 7 prophetesses, Each of these individuals have their prophecies recorded in the Holy Bible.

There may or may not be thousands more, but their prophecies are or are not recorded.
This evidence is obviously the way it is, for a reason which only the good author of this wonderful book knows. (God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost)

Here is a list of these prophets, as it can be researched and found the bible.

Hope this helps..God Bless!

1)Abraham2) Isaac3) Jacob4) Moses5) Aaron6) Joshua7) Pinchas the High Priest8) Elkanah (father of Samuel)9) Eli the High Priest
10 Samuel11) Gad12) Nathan13) King David14) King Solomon15) Eido16) Michiyasu Ben Yimlah17) Obadiah18) Achiyah of Shiloh19) Yahu Ben Chanani20) Azariah Ben Oded21) Chaziel son of Metaniah22) Eliezer of Morisha23) Hosea24) Amos25) Micah26) Amotz27) Elijah28) Elisha29) Jonah30) Isaiah31) Joel32) Nahum33) Habakkuk34) Zephaniah35) Uriah from Kiryat Yearim36) Jeremiah37) Ezekiel38) Shmaya39) Baruch40) Neriah41) Seriah42) Mechasiah43) Haggai 44) Zechariah45) Malachi46) Mordechai47) Chanani48) Oded

1) Sarah (wife of Abraham, mother of all Jews)

2) Miriam (sister to Moses)

3) Deborah (the only female among the Judges)

4) Chana (mother of Samuel)

5) Abigail

6) Chuldah

7) Esther (of Purim

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