Can Any One Share The List Of Names Of Prophets (Peace Be Upon) In Islam By Their Order And Age?


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I only know a few -
Hazrat Adam - 930 years
Hazrat Shees - 912 years
Hazrat Idrees-356 years
Hazrat Nuh-950 years
Hazrat Hud-265 years
Hazrat Salih-586 years
Hazrat Shoaib-882 years
Hazrat Daood
Hazrat Sulaiman-150 years
Hazrat Dhul-Kifl
Hazrat Ayoob-146 years
Hazrat Yunus
Hazrat Iramya
Hazrat Ilyaas
Hazrat Al-Yasa
Hazrat Kharkeel
Hazrat Ismael bin Kharkeel
Hazrat Sh3ya
Hazrat Haiqooq
Hazrat Armiya
Hazrat Danial
Hazrat Isaiah
Hazrat Uzair
Hazrat Jarjees
Hazrat Khizar
Hazrat Musa-125 years
Hazrat Haroon-119 years
Hazrat Yusha bin Nun - 112 years
Hazrat Ibrahim-195 years
Hazrat Ismael bin Ibrahim-137 years
Hazrat Lut
Hazrat Ishaaq-120 years
Hazrat Yaqoob-139 years
Hazrat Yusuf-110 years
Hazrat Zakariyah-207 years
Hazrat Yahya-95 years
Hazrat Isa
Hazrat Muahmmad  -63 years
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Hazrat Idris--Unknown
Hazrat Nuh--2886 Bc to 3832
Hazrat Ibrahim--1985 bc to 2160
Hazrat Lut--2120 bc
Hazrat Isma'il--1937 bc to 2074
Hazrat Ishaq--1880 to 2074
Hazrat Yaqub--1857 bc to 2060
Hazrat Yusef--1817 bc to 1927
Hazrat Ayub--16 bc
Hazrat Musa--1400 to 1523
Hazrat Harun--1400 to 1523
Hazrat Daud--924 to 1034
Hazrat Dhul-kifl--8 bc
Hazrat suleman 924 to 992
Hazrat Hood 2500 bc
Hazrar Saleh 2400 bc
Hazrat Abrahem--1985 to 2060
Hazrat Lout 2120 bc
Hazrat Shumoil 1100 bc
Hazrat Ilyas 924 to 992
Hazrat Younas --8 Bc
Hazrat Yasya 650 to 750
Hazrat Aamos 710 to 750
Hazrat Mekka 650 to 700
Hazrat Nahoom 690
Hazrat Sakya  560 to 600
Hazrat Yarmiya 560 to 600
Hazrat Hikail  520 to 580
Hazrat Daniyal 500 to 580
Hazrat Malaki 5 bc
Hazrat Hiji 5 bc
Hazrat Zakriya  1 Bc
Hazrat Essa A.s 1 to 34*
Hazrat MUhammas PBUH 20 April 571 to 7 June 632
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Prophets are actually the non-divine humans that have been chosen by Allah for the service of Muslims. Each prophet brought the same idea of God and Islam.

There have been over 124,000 messengers all over the world according to Quran. In these messengers there have been many Prophets.

According to Quran following were the Prophets of Islam:
Hazrat Idris
Hazrat Nuh
Hazrat Ibrahim
Hazrat Lut
Hazrat Isma'il
Hazrat Ishaq
Hazrat Yaqub
Hazrat Yusef
Hazrat Ayub
Hazrat Musa
Hazrat Harun
Hazrat Daud
Hazrat Dhul-kifl

There are plenty of other names in this. You can find in detail at link.

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Thanks for your reply. I have seen wikipedia and many other links. I know there are 1,24,000 Prophets. But I am looking for any islamic library that can provide the names in order and the age of every Prophet.
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Islam is a religious system begun in the seventh century by Prophet Muhammad. Muslims follow the teachings of the Qur’an and strive to keep the Five Pillars.

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