Can You Give Examples Of 50th Wedding Anniversary Program?


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A couple that has made it up to their 50th wedding anniversary rightly deserves a splendid party with a lot of fun and frolics in the presence of their friends and family. If you are planning to organize a huge or even a small Golden Jubilee celebration, then there are few things that you need to plan.

Since this anniversary is termed as "Golden Anniversary”, thus, the organizer could try to plan the whole event around the golden theme depending on the likes, dislikes and preferences of the couple. The party could be arranged at the couple’s house provided that you have enough space.

If not, then it could be orchestrated at some restaurant, hall, etc.

The stage of the party holds the centre of attraction hence it should be decorated beautifully representing the couple’s personal style or the theme of the party.

All the ornamentations should be planned in accordance with the theme of the party; a touch of golden adds a zest of elegance to the overall look of the function. Therefore, the invitation cards, crockery and dinner tables could have a hint of golden in them.

In order to honour the couple, few old photographs of their wedding day, honeymoon and kids could be collected and presented in the form of a scrap book or PowerPoint presentation. This will make the couple as well as the guests to recall their pleasant old memories and cherish them.

To make the 50th wedding anniversary party more enjoyable, try playing some nice music to keep the guests entertained.

A music band could jazz up the evening with some classical as well as dance numbers. Playing the couple’s favourite music from their era is also a great idea.

As far as the food is concerned, try treating the guests and the couple with their favourite food instead of opting for the traditional one. Moreover, the likes and dislikes of the couple should also be kept in mind since it will be going to be their day totally.

Hence, the food should be exquisite and served with the finest quality of wine. In fact, dedicating a specific time after the dinner for a toast in the honour of the couple’s anniversary could really make them happy. 

In the end, an ideal host should thankfully see off the couple and all the guests who came to celebrate and finish off the party.
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Well, what I can really think of is have a slideshow of their pictures together. That presentation should be accompanied with their team song and voice over (not necessarily the couple's voices). And then, the entrance of the couple. Just like other wedding production, there should be slicing of cake, messages from the family members and close friends. Don't forget the wedding dance.

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Spending fifty years in love with one person is a wonderful gift of married life. It is the most celebrated anniversaries and termed as golden :)
From candle light dinner to a splashing golden anniversary bash, view the ideas on the following link
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During the celebration event what things can be done, stories told to make the program more special than just a gathering of friends for a meal? We need ideas, please!

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